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18 Feb 2019
Fairfield operates a two-week timetable, details of which will be in your child’s planner. This panel will show you which week we are currently on and allow you to check future dates.


Key Stage 3
At KS3, students work in mixed ability groups following a lively, engaging and challenging course. We develop the skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening and nurture students’ appreciation of a wide range of classic and contemporary literature.

Our aim is to kindle a passion for English whilst laying the foundations for a successful study of GCSE at KS4.

Key Stage 4
Students follow the WJEC syllabus for English Language and English Literature GCSE. Both GCSEs offer a variety of texts for study – novels, plays and poetry – each of which presents a range of themes and ideas to provoke interest and discussion amongst the students.

We offer theatre visits and actively collaborate with outside theatre companies to enable students to experience texts ‘live’.

There is a strong emphasis on students being able to read and write to a high standard, as well as feel confident in speaking and listening situations.

Latest English news

Impressive performance at the School Mace competition
Congratulations to our Year 9 team on an impressive performance at the School Mace competition.

They were tasked with opposing salary caps in professional sports – not an easy task as they felt strongly to the contrary. Will and Quinlan held their own against a Year 12 team, confidently putting forward their argument and casually dealing with rebuttals.

Both their competitors and judges were shocked that they were only in year 9 and competing for the first time. They really did Fairfield proud.

13 Sept 2016 Roald Dahl Day
On September 13th 2016 we are joining in the Roald Dahl party celebrations. It is 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl. As a school, our students already support the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity during the Readathon fundraising week and we would like to further support the charity during the celebration day.

We would like all of our students to participate by coming to school dressed as one of their favourite Roald Dahl characters. We are asking all students to donate a £1 to the charity and make this a memorable event, which I am sure will be a great success.

Y9 prepare for the RSC broadcast
On 21 April Y9 will be involved with he RSC’s broadcast of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Here are some photos of their preparations.

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Fletch Garrard at the Poetry by Heart National Final
The weekend at Cambridge at the national Poetry by Heart finals was FANTASTIC. A hugely welcoming atmosphere and big fuss made of students – and their teachers! Candlelit dinners in the Great hall, hobnobbing with poets, tours round older colleges like Pembroke and Kings (the entrance of that one only…) and great bonding and support amongst the entrants for Central West for each other.

Fletch had a great time and though he did not win overall, was Highly Commended by the judges for his delivery of his World War 1 poem – AP Herbert’s Cookers – as debuted in KS3 assembly last week!

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Fletch Garrard, Y10, winner of the Poetry by Heart regional final.
‘Poetry by Heart’ National Finals, here we come!

On Saturday, 27th February, Fletch Garrard and Harry Ball from Year 10 took part in the ‘Poetry by Heart’ Regional Finals. Both had to recite two poems ‘by heart’, one from pre-1914, one from post-1914. The standard was extremely high this year, with competition from Year 11 and Year 12 students from across the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Despite this, we are extremely proud to announce that Fletch won the Regional Final and will now head to the National Finals of the competition on Thursday, 17th March at Homerton College, Cambridge. Wish him luck!