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18 Feb 2019
Fairfield operates a two-week timetable, details of which will be in your child’s planner. This panel will show you which week we are currently on and allow you to check future dates.


Drama skills are taught through English at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4 we offer the AQA GCSE Drama qualification.

The GCSE Drama course covers both Practical performance and written exploration and evaluation of performances: their own, their classmates’ and live professional theatre.

Students explore material that has the potential for dramatic development,whether created from devised work or through the interpretation of a play text, as well as learning of specific techniques used in different dramatic genres or by practitioners.

Latest Drama news

Six members of Y9 take part in the Royal Television Society Enterprise competition
Back at the end of April, all of Year 9 took part in an enterprise day with the Royal Television Society. The aim of the day was to give them an insight into the kinds of jobs available in the world of television - behind the scenes roles such as admin, PR, make-up, etc. as well as the more obvious jobs like presenting and camera operating - and to offer them a chance to gain and hone lots of transferable skills.

That afternoon, they had just one hour to work as a team in order to design a new television programme and pitch it to the visiting judge, Midlands Today reporter Ben Sidwell. Starting from scratch, the groups had to design not only the concept for their programme but its logo and slogan, intended audience, proposed time slot, episode length and series duration, as well as how they intend to use multimedia platforms to engage a modern audience.

The winning group was chosen for their focus, inventiveness and final pitch, and secured themselves a place at the Grand Final on June 29th at the University of Wolverhampton, where they were up against eleven other schools from across the Midlands.

Our six Year 9 students conducted themselves brilliantly and although they were nervous, had a great day and did Fairfield proud. The judges commended their programme – a Cluedo-inspired murder mystery – for its originality and their idea for marketing items such as an exclusive Cludeo board was highly praised.

Their experience should stay with them and the next time they have to speak in front of an audience, present an idea to a judging panel (i.e. an interview!) or simply enter a university lecture theatre, they will have a good insight into what lies in store and should feel more confident.

Congratulations go to them for their effort and we look forward to (hopefully) having this opportunity again next year.

Mrs Parsons

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