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Thursday, 23 Feb 2017
Y11 French & Spanish Speaking CATS
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Faculty and subject news

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English Impressive School Mace performance
MFL Visit to Barcelona
PE Terrific Y8 rugby performance
23 Feb 2017
Week A
Fairfield operates a two-week timetable, details of which will be in your child’s planner. This panel will show you which week we are currently on and allow you to check future dates.

Charity news

Friday 5th Feb is the NSPCC numeracy day.

As a school we are going to be supporting this by running a KS3 charities afternoon. This year instead of asking for sponsorship we are asking all students to donate coins (do you have a jar of loose change which you always intended to do something with but never got around too?). In the afternoon years 7-9 will be taking part in several numeracy based challenges and the more coins they donate the more fun they will have.

The week leading up to the 5th there will be several competitions (open to all year groups) including a maths treasure hunt challenge, a design a numeracy based t-shirt competition and guess how many sweets are in the jar competition, all cost 50p to enter.

There will be numeracy based challenge in the Friday form time for all year groups too.